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Tips for Taking a College Exam

The overall experience of taking college exams can be described with one word: frantic! You study hard, spend a sleepless night before the actual exam, and try to organize yourself as well as possible. However, you always seem to forget a pen or another essential tool.

In the continuation, you will find a list of tools you should have with you when attending a college exam:

1 – Pen, pencil, calculator, and all other tools of the trade!

Make a list of all tools you need for the particular test and have these items ready on your table the night before the exam. Do not prepare your bag last minute before rushing out.

2 – Your blue books and your computer – if needed.
These items should be the first ones you insert into your bag. If you need them for a particular exam, it would be impossible for you to take it successfully without them.


3 – Your notes and textbooks
If you are taking an open-book test, then you should always have your materials ready. Take these items even if you’re not allowed to use them during the exam; they will help you check how you’ve done while your memory is still fresh after the test.

4 – A watch
Your phone doesn’t count; you won’t be allowed to take a look at it. It is very important to track your time during the test, so don’t forget to include a watch in your arsenal of exam tools. Plan your time carefully and leave at least 5 minutes to check the answers before submitting the test.

5 – Snacks
You will probably leave your home hours before the actual exam, so you’ll need some energy recovery. Take some healthy snacks, like a banana or a salad. Don’t forget to pack some water as well.

6 – Back-ups
Imagine this scenario: you start writing and your favorite pen suddenly runs out, so you have to ask around if someone can borrow you one. You should always have back-ups of the essential tools. Take two blue books, computer batteries, pens and other needed tools for your exam.

Don’t bring too many things!

Some students are careless, while others do another mistake: they pack their bags with so many tools that it’s hard to find the ones they actually need. You don’t have to take your cell phone with you; it would only distract you during the exam. Leave the iPod behind, too! Music might help you focus during studying, but it won’t be of any use when you’re taking a test. In fact, earbuds may get you in trouble, since your teacher will think you’ve been listening to lecture notes.

Take only the essential tools that are necessary for the particular exam. Remember: it’s always better to prepare your bag the day before!

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