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Student Life: 5 Mistakes You Should Never Make On LinkedIn


Over the last few years, LinkedIn has grown in popularity and user numbers to become one of the most valuable tools for any college student who is graduating and wants to find an easy and effective networking environment in which to showcase their skills and broaden their opportunities and horizons. The community can be a really great place for making business connections, but this is only if you use the tools correctly and utilise your presence online. Here are five mistakes that you should never make if you want to have success through LinkedIn.

1. No Profile Picture

Though you never usually put a picture on a job application, the nature of LinkedIn means that your page is likely to be quickly passed over if you do not have a photograph in the top corner. Include a professional looking headshot that will enhance your profile and make a connection with all of the potential readers and employers.

2. The Wrong Picture

And leading on from this point, you need to remember that LinkedIn is not Facebook! You don’t want your profile picture to be you on the beach in a swimsuit or you looking a little worse for wear in a nightclub, remember that this picture is your one chance to create a first impression with businesses and bosses that might be able to offer you real opportunities. Pick your photograph very carefully!

3. Avoid The Default Connection Request

Before you press the button to send a connection request, avoid going with the generic template and instead write your own message to go along with the request. Do a little research about the person, introduce yourself briefly and explain exactly why you are seeking to make a connection with them, they will be much more likely to accept your request if you have given them some background information.

4. Don’t Neglect Your Profile

It really pays off to spend some time fleshing out all of the important and relevant parts of your profile page. Remember, you might be a great potential employee, but nobody will know that if you neglect your page. Make sure that it is as informative and detailed as possible. It really helps to get involved with online LinkedIn community, where you can receive recommendations and endorsements for specific skills that you are trying to highlight. Just having an account isn’t enough to make your LinkedIn experience a success, you need to put the right effort in.

5. Don’t Get Too Personal

It is important to remember that LinkedIn is a professional online community, it is not Facebook, it is not Twitter and it is not Instagram. You need to keep your interactions with people on a professional level rather than updating statuses about the latest episode of Game Of Thrones. Mistreating the online environment might turn potential connections off of you, so keep it nice and professional and save your pop culture and personal views to other social media platforms.

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