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How to Write Essays

There is one common question that bothers every single student on this planet: why does essay writing have to be so frustrating? It doesn’t matter whether the student is a talented writer or they have no idea how to start the first sentence; writing papers on boring topics is always a maddening experience.

Can the entire process be made easier and more fun? Try following these simple steps and you may discover a hidden talent that’s waiting to be explored:

1. Set a fun topic that will inspire you to research.

Professors usually allow the student to set their own topic or choose from few topics for the paper. If you have such liberty, you should always pay a lot of attention to this step, since it will determine your interest in the project and the entire outcome.

Many students find themselves confused when they don’t have a strict topic to start from, but you should really see this as an advantage. Think about the aspects of the subject that interest you the most and start reading through sources that will be fun to learn from.

2. Brainstorm!

It would be a real shame to miss the brainstorming step, since it’s the fun part of the entire essay writing process. Clear your mind, take a pencil and a piece of paper and allow your hand to write whatever comes to your mind. The things you write may seem disorganized, but you will find extraordinary ideas among them. Don’t get too attached to each idea you had; you will probably need to ditch most of them and find one that will define your thesis.

3. Organization is the key to success.

You can make your life much easier if you simply organize yourself. Create an outline and stick to the timeframe you set. Pay attention to the organization of your paper as well; it shouldn’t confuse the reader by jumping from one point to another without clearly elaborating the topic.

4. Writing the first draft is not enough.

There is one main secret to creating the perfect paper: make it interesting! It doesn’t matter how boring the topic is; you can always find amusing facts that will captivate the reader’s attention.

You might think you’re done when finishing the first draft, but there is still a lot of work ahead of you. The editing process may be even more torturing than the writing itself, but you must go through it if you want to present the perfect paper to your professor. Allow yourself some time for rest before you go back to the paper with an editing eye; this will enable the content to “set”, so you will be able to spot the little mistakes that spoil the overall impression.

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