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5 of the Most Beautiful College Campuses in the World

Future students usually consider a variety of factors when deciding what colleges to apply to. While location, tuition and majors available are among the key aspects weighed, for some students, there’s another component they consider very important in the decision making process – the beauty of the campus. It may seem like a superficial reason to choose a specific institution, but the truth is that the campus plays a big role in your college life. You’re choosing a place you will call home for the most important period of your youth, and it’s only natural that you’d like to actually enjoy walking through the campus every day. Continue reading

Summer Is Almost Here. Spend it with Pleasure and Benefit

Ah, the joyful days of summer! You’re already stuffing your Tumblr with wonderful photos of summer days, ice cream, and handsome people on the beach, aren’t you? We are all waiting for it eagerly! For students, however, summer has to be productive. You should have tons of fun and relaxation, but you should also use that free time to learn some new skills and grow as a person. Continue reading