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7 Common Homework Mistakes That Everybody Makes

homework mistakes

Whether you like it or not, homework is an unavoidable part of every student’s academic life. Some people choose to do it straight away after school, some people choose to leave it right until the last minute, but the fact remains that we all have to hand something in to the teacher on deadline day! It is also true that, even when trying our best, it is possible to make mistakes that effect the grades we get for our homework. In order to try to curb these small things, here is a list of seven of the most common homework mistakes that everybody makes at least once in their school lives! Continue reading

Student Life: 5 Mistakes You Should Never Make On LinkedIn


Over the last few years, LinkedIn has grown in popularity and user numbers to become one of the most valuable tools for any college student who is graduating and wants to find an easy and effective networking environment in which to showcase their skills and broaden their opportunities and horizons. The community can be a really great place for making business connections, but this is only if you use the tools correctly and utilise your presence online. Here are five mistakes that you should never make if you want to have success through LinkedIn. Continue reading