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7 Common Homework Mistakes That Everybody Makes

homework mistakes

Whether you like it or not, homework is an unavoidable part of every student’s academic life. Some people choose to do it straight away after school, some people choose to leave it right until the last minute, but the fact remains that we all have to hand something in to the teacher on deadline day! It is also true that, even when trying our best, it is possible to make mistakes that effect the grades we get for our homework. In order to try to curb these small things, here is a list of seven of the most common homework mistakes that everybody makes at least once in their school lives!

1. No Calculations On Math Homework

Something that is often overlooked when rushing through math is that you need to show your working for every single answer. If you work out the answer to a question in your head and only right down the final figure, you will not get as much credit as you would if you have written down the whole calculation of the sum. This shows your teacher that you understand the entire process.

2. Using The Wrong Paper

Certain subjects require you to use specific types of paper. For example, written English homework should be on lined paper, while math homework should be written out on squared paper.

3. Writing On Both Sides

Some teachers do not like it when students write on both sides of a ruled page. This can often make the marking process more difficult. To be safe from making this mistake, never write on both sides of the page.

4. Different Colored Ink

Your homework should be written with either blue or black ink, not a combination of both and certainly not in any other color like red or green. These are colors that your teacher will want to use for marking purposes, so make sure that you only ever use black or blue to write.

5. Wrong Format On Quizzes

Read the instructions of a pop quiz carefully to make sure that you are marking your answers correctly. Some teachers like check marks, some teachers like boxes to be drawn around your chosen answer. It’s up the individual teacher.

6. Messy Handwriting

Make sure that your handwriting on your homework is completely eligible, as your teacher won’t be able to grade a paper that they cannot read and understand. Make sure you write neatly so as not to waste you own time and effort.

7. No Name And Date

It is very easy to forget to add your name and the date on tip of a homework page, especially if you are rushing to complete it at the last minute. If your teacher can’t identify your work, then you will likely not be given a grade at all, so make sure that you get your name on there.