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10 Study Habits of a Successful Student

We are all jealous of those students who manage to get great grades, write all papers by the deadline, and have an outstanding social life with no trouble. Are you wondering what makes them different? They have 10 habits we can all learn from.

1 – They have a plan

Successful students use calendars to plan the days they have before exams. That’s why they don’t feel the pressure the rest of us face.

2 – They practice writing

Successful students realize that papers play a huge role in their grades. That’s why they regularly practice academic writing.


3 – They don’t study the night before exam

This is the biggest mistake most students make: they study really hard the night before the exam, and they try to repeat as much of the material as possible right before they enter the exam hall. Successful students organize their time and take a nice walk right before the exam. That relieves them from stress and prepares them to handle the challenge.

4 – They have a routine

If an overachiever decides to study from 8 to 10 PM, you can’t convince them to go out with you during that time. These people have routines and they stick to them.

5 – They study in the library

If you can’t clean your room because your roommates keep destroying the order you set, then you always have the library as a second alternative. Everybody is really focused there, so you’ll have no other choice but to study with full speed ahead.

6 – They have a vision

These people know they have to work hard to achieve their goals. When they have a vision, they realize that every single class, test, paper, and exam is guiding them towards its achievement.

7 – They don’t procrastinate

You won’t see successful students chatting with their friends in the middle of the night when exams are approaching. They have a strong character: when they decide to study, no distraction is more powerful than their decision.

8 – They socialize

You won’t be a successful student if you devote your life solely to the studies. A truly good student knows that social life is part of the success, which is why they master their communication skills.

9 – They take tons of notes

These are the students who keep noting down all important things the professors say during the lecture. While you think that the conversation with your friend is more interesting than the teacher, these students know that paying attention in class makes the studying process much easier.

10 – When they study, they do it effectively

Successful students usually start with the hardest parts of the material. When they master those elements, the rest of the process is not that challenging. They don’t study isolated facts; they make sense of everything they read.

Do you really want to become one of the best students in your class? Try developing the habits listed above; they will help you reach your goals!

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